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Taking our inspiration from the term "Inforg" as coined by Luciano Floridi, who digs into the convergence of man and information in this age of technology. We feel a responsibility to maintain the continuity and integrity of the web through ethical development of abandoned properties.

All of us have had the experience of clicking a link that took us somewhere we did not want to be!

Responsible web development of abandoned properties means replacing old content and adding vibrant new content to make sure that internet users arrive at a page that is useful and appropriate. Through this redevelopment, the user achieves the goal of obtaining the sought after information, and the domain/site owner is more likely to derive revenue from the use of the site.

Each day, thousands of web properties are abandoned, leaving breaks in the web and decreasing the efficiency of users.

INFORG.ORG cannot possibly develop every abandoned property, but we hope, that through a responsible example, we will encourage other speculators to devote more resources to development and maintaining the continuity of the web.

INFORG.ORG puts it back together by re-establishing abandoned internet properties with relevant and useful content and links to even more information. We replace the "dead ends" with new vibrant intersections.

While we use the services of parking companies, or redirects to a related site, our goal is to develop each of the properties we acquire. We do not spend much time promoting the sales of our properties, because we acquire each for the purpose of development and monetization. While we sometimes entertain offers for our domains, we ask that new owners provide us with the purpose they intend to use the domain for, and ask them to agree to our basic tenets of responsible ownership.

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What Our Clients Say
"I appreciate the extra effort and time you took to walk a "newbie" through the whole process of buying and pushing a domain name. I was clueless :)"

-- Caroline M., GA


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